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Copper and other metals

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Manual and automated valves for wet corrosive chemicals

Heat exchangers and heat recovery systems

Brine polishing resin beds.

Hydraulic tensionning systems for large flanges and/or large bolts.

Sulphur removal systems

On-Line analyzers for chlorine production. Sample preparation cabinets. Acid concentration analyzers. Stack gas analyzers

Flow Control Valves for corrosive/abrasive chemicals

Acid dilution systems, with concentration measurement and real time dosing.

Techlink designs and implements solution, with cutting-edge technologies and highly durable and reliable products to improve your process and let you forget your hassles and focus on your more strategic tasks                                   

Fast return on investment

Less shutdowns and unexpected failures

Less maintenance

Extended equipment lifetime

Faithful providers of process solutions to:

Improve availability and performance

Reduce operational costs

Enhance safety

Save power

Achieve or maintain environmental regulatory compliance

Simplify management

Achieve the goals of your ISO 14000 program.


North Thailand, January 2019.

TECHLINK installed a new scrubber at the outlet of a hydrochloric acid synthsis column in a large sodium chlorate and chlorine dioxide plant.

This additional scrubber will bring the emissions of hydrogen chloride down from 150 ppm to below 10 ppm, in line with the Government’s regulations, and reduce the ambiant corrosion of the neighbouring assets of the plant.


Nanometric pPTFE membrane filtration systems, with TEFFLUX® backpulse technology.

Titanium and Hastelloy vessels and heat exhangers

Zero energy gaseous effluent purification, odour removal, elimination of organic solvents from air, using self-powered thermal regeneration

Skid mounted mini membrane chlor-alkali plants for a production of 1 to 20 Tons/day